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Rodgers Reflections​

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Our Core Values

We told you a little about us on the home page, now we want to tell you a little about our values. These values are so important to us, you're likely to see them on any and all communication! #sorrynotsorry

Stay healthy, 

Garrett & Kim

1. Be Healthy

Physically, mentally, spiritually, & financially. This takes a lot of hard work in every area - but we've got this! Philippians 4:13

2. Be Real

Not much is more exhausting than trying to fit into a mold or "out professional" the next guy. So we don't! And we don't want you to either! We want to build relationships - both personal and professional - with likeminded people. It's so much more fun and helps out with value #1!

3. Be Constant

In our relationship with God, in our personal relationships, and in our business relationships.

4. Be Generous

We want to strive to always be in a position to help when help is needed. Whether it be giving of our time or giving of the things we've been blessed with. 

Now we'd like you to meet our family.....

I mean, we have a website - why not take up part of it to brag!